We have designed a small and useful twin cylinder reversing oscillating Marine Engine specially for the Model Engineer with a small lathe and only a limited amount of time to spare.
The reversing mechanism is a simple slide valve on top of the centre block and does away with complicated valve gear.
It is very powerful for its size, but, like all oscillating engines, it does use a little more steam.

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Versions available:
Full set of 10 castings - A202
Drawings - A201
Full kit of materials to complete Alpha - A203
Base - aluminium - A1
'A' Frame (2 req) - GM - A2
Centre steam block - GM - A3
Cylinder covers (makes 2) - GM - A4
Cylinders (makes 2) - GM - A5
Bearings - GM - A6
Steam valve block - GM - A7
Pistons (makes 2) - GM - A8
The following are for single castings (2 req) two required - 000
Construction notes. - A205
Detailed construction notes 57 sheets ideal for the beginner, includes full machining and construction notes