This unusual cylinder configuration was originally used for Marine propulsion and was patented by Brunel in 1822. Later the design was used by the bleaching, dyeing and finishing trades where, due to the nature of the work, separate independent drives to each machine were most convenient.
The model is of an engine made by Lang Bridge Ltd., of Accrington and was used to drive a calico printing machine. Built in 1903, the prototype can be seen as a running exhibit in the Northern Mill Engine Society’s museum at Bolton, Lancashire.

Details of this accurate 1/8 scale model are as follows :-
Bore ¾" - Stroke 1 5/8" - Flywheel 7 3/8"
Overall size :- Length 12" - Width 5" - Height 10 ½"

four sheets of drawings includes all details and a full size General Arrangement.Castings are in Gun metal
the, flywheel in cast iron the base in aluminium

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Versions available:
Drawings - DDE201
Set of castings - DDE202