Georgina Overcrank Engine, designed by Tubal Cain, was inspired by examples drawn from the "Age of Elegance" and its construction is in a book by Tubal Cain, in which strong emphasis is placed on the use of simple methods, and no elaborate workshop equipment is needed, for apart from the flywheel the smallest lathe will suffice.
Georgina is representative of a type of engine widely used for small powers, and occasionally large ones, including colliery winding engines.
Though simple in design it is very interesting to build and when finished its slender proportions make it a delight to see when running.

GB Book by Tubal Cain - "Building the Overcrank Engine Georgina"
A constructional series on this model by Tubal Cain started in the Model Engineer No.3641 Vol 146 September 1980 and it is on which the book is based.The flywheel diameter is 5 3/8"

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Versions available:
Drawings - GOE201
Full set of 18 castings - GOE202
Book by Tubal Cain - GOE208