The little engine was inspired by the products of Bing, Carrette and other makers of the early 1900s. This one comes from the same period, but from a quite different source. Mr. Henry Muncaster was an engineer of some note, chiefly in the field of heavy engineering, but was also an enthusiastic model engineer; a contemporary of both Stuart Turner and Henry Greenly. He wrote for `Work' and `English Mechanics' on both model and full size engineering subjects, and was soon recruited into the service of "The Model Engineer". His models covered a very wide range, from simple oscillators up to substantial engines large enough to drive a lathe.
This pretty little engine is ideal for even the smallest lathe with the added attraction of its own steam plant, it can be up and running quite quickly giving fun for all the family.

Cylinder 5/8" Bore x 1" Stroke - Engine Base 2 3/4" x 2 1/4" - Flywheel 3" dia.

The book written by Tom Walshaw from which the above abstracts were taken, is available.

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Versions available:
Book by Tubal Cain - HO201
Full set of 12 castings - HO202
Materials kit - HO204
Boiler kit, spun tube plates - HO209