Marking -Out

Marking -Out
Callipers, Depth / Angle Gauge, Dividers, Scriber, Protractors, Centre Finder, Centre Squares, Squares etc.

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Versions available:
Measuring Tool Set 6pc - AK10000S-
Vernier Callipers, Depth/Angle Gauge, Outside Callipers, Dividers, Inside Callipers, Pocket Rule with Clip.
Engineer's Scriber 200mm Double Ended - S-AK9751
Carbide Tipped Scriber - S-AK9752
Protractor - Rectangula4r Head 90 x 50 - S-AK9790
Stainless steel construction with heavily knurled brass locking screw. 0-180* measurement range in 1* increments. 150mm Measurement arm and square indicator face.
Protractor /Depth Gauge - Rectangular 90 x 50 - S-AK9792
Stainless steel constructon with heavily knurled brass locking screw. Combination tool woth 0-180* andgle range 1* increments and 0-150mm /6" depth gauge arm. Square indicator face.
Centre Square 38mm - S-AK9796
High quality ground tool steel construction. Locate centre point of roud barquickly and easily - working dia. 38mm