S-SM2503 - Mini Lathe / Drilling Machine & Accessories

S-SM2503 - Mini Lathe / Drilling Machine & Accessories
SM2503 - Bench Mounting, multifunction mini drill, mill and lathe with variable speed giving flexibility to handle most materials.
Features two 150Watt motors, one to operate the drill/mill and the other to power the lathe. The lathe cutting feed can be power driven or advanced manually, Tread cutting may also be undertaken with the optional tread cutting kit. Supplied with metric graduated scales and all necessary tools required for setting and adjusting. Complies with Machinery Directive 98/37EEC and is fully CE approved. An optional stand is available, order Model No. SM3002ST.

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Versions available:
Mini Lathe / Drilling Machine - S-SM2503
Swing over Bed 140mm Distance Between Centres 250mm Spindle Hole Taper MT2 Cross Slide Travel 61mm Tailstock Taper MT1 Spindle Speed Variable 100-2000 Range of Metric Threads 5 pitches 0.5 to 1.25mm - + Specification - Drilling next line down.
Mini Lathe / Drilling Machione - Drilling Information - S-SM2503 Drilling Cap
+ Specification - Drilling Max Drill/Mill Cap 10mm Drill/Mill Spindle Travel 30mm Drill/Mill Spindle Speed 100-1300 T-Slot 8mm Distance from Spindle to Table 180mm Distance from Spindle Centre to Column 100mm Motor Power 2 x 150W - 230V
Mill Chuck Set MT2 - M10 - 3mm to 10mm - For S-SM2503 - S-SM2503MCSET
One of a comprehensive range of high quality accessories.
Indexable Carbide End Mill MT2-M10 - 16mm dia - For S-SM2503 - S-SM2503ICM
Parting & Boring Set 2pc - For S-SM2503 - S-SM2503COBT
Tailstock Chuck MT1 - For S-SM2503 - S-SM2503TC
Revolving Dead Centre MT1 - For S-SM2503 - S-SM2503RC
Dead Centre - For S-SM2503 - S-SM2503HC
Face Plate - 112mm dia. - For S-SM2503 - S-SM2503FP
Follow Rest - For S-SM2503 - S-SM2503FR
Fixed Steady - For S-SM2503 - S-SM2503SR
Metric Thread Cutting Gear Kit - For S-SM2503 - S-SM2503TCK
Tool Hoder Parting & Bore Set 2pc - For S-SM2503 - S-SM2503THSET
HSS End Mill Set MT2 - 3mm to 10mm - For S-SM2503 - S-SM2503EMSET
Collet Set MT2 - M10 - 3mm to 10mm - For S-SM2503 - S-SM2503CSET
Quick Vice - S-SM2503QV
Stand for S-SM2502 / S-SM2503 / S-SM3002 - For S-SM2503 - S-SM3002ST