A rare and unusual horizontal table side rod engine. The double connecting rods fitted with Jib and Cotter small ends, and marine type big end, single eccentric driven slide valve, and belt driven watt governor, connected to a simple butterfly valve.
It is quite easy to make and has a small wide flywheel
The model illustrated has been highly personalised showing what a little imagination and a second flywheel can do.
The base is aluminium and should not require machining, the flywheel cast iron, and the rest of the castings are gun metal.

Cylinder 1" Bore x 1 1/2" Stroke - Base length 10" - Flywheel 5" dia.

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Versions available:
Drawings - SR201 Drawings
Full set of 14 Castings - SR202
Governor gears - SR203
Second Flywheel - SR206
Construction notes - SR205
Full set of materials to complete Side Rod - SR204