The Tandem Compound Mill Engine became quite common in the late Victorian times and was still being used in the mid-20th Century.
This Model represents a typical Tandem Compound Mill Engine of this period and has been simplified especially for the model engineer.
We are offering the main castings separate to the machined cast base as some modellers would prefer to use a wooden block with BMS bed plated and it keeps the price down. The cast machined base is for mounting on a wooden block.
Cylinder HP 1" LP 1 5/8" Bore x 1 1/2" Stroke - Flywheel 6" - Base 18 1/2" x 7"

As featured on the Front Cover of the Model Engineer No.3879 Vol 165 August 1990. Which was also the start of a series on the construction of this model.

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Versions available:
Drawings - TC201
Full set of 22 castings - TC203
Governor gears - TC204
Base plate - TC205
Optional aluminium base with bed plates machined as illustrated.
Construction notes - TC202