A one-sixteenth scale model of Richard Trevithick's High Pressure Dredger Engine of 1806.
Richard Trevithick "The father of the steam locomotive" and responsible for the working of steam engines at "high" pressure, the full story is conveyed by T.D. Walshaw in the Model Engineer Vol. 159 No. 3809. It is most interesting and is well worth reading.
This fascinating and historically important engine is interesting to build and with its self-contained steam plant the finished engine is a pleasure to own and great fun to steam, for those who may need a little help the engine is covered by a construction series in the Model Engineer.

Flywheel 6 3/4" x dia. - Height from top of base approx. 11"
Overall height approx 14 1/2" - Overall width approx. 5"

As featured for construction by Tubal Cain in the Model Engineer Vols. 159 - 160

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Versions available:
Drawings - TDE201
Full set of 12 castings & boiler kit - TDE202
Main drive cog finished and gear cut - TDE203
Construction notes - TDE205